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Behind SmartCatch and What We Do

There’s something about the flavor and taste of that smoked food that is extremely tempting and delicious. There are times when many of us want to have a compact kitchen appliance to easily cook them regularly. If you are have a taste for smoked meat or veggies or if you love to organize backyard barbeque parties with your family and friends, SmartCatch is your right aid.  

SmartCatch is your one-point solution if you have been searching for a decent smoker, grill or any Barbeque accessories you need to have the perfect smoked meal. The experts in our team are constantly screening through thousands of products to bring to you the best and to make your online shopping as hassle-free as it comes.

Our team



Larry calls grilling an art and he has been practicing this art all his life and he doesn’t seem to be planning to stop any soon. Larry has been conducting numerous online and offline grilling masterclasses while also running his own BBQ accessories shop.



With a degree in English Literature, Eva started her writing and editing career 7 years ago. She has her own lifestyle blog and also participates in our field tests to gain more expertise in the matter.



Don is responsible for all IT and site related aspects of this platform. We don’t think we’d be able to create, present, and optimize our articles the way we do without him. He’s literally our savior when we’re faced with technical challenges.



Holding a Master’s degree in literature, Chris is the one to put together everything we’d like to let you know. He loves traveling and learning new languages. He’s also fluent in French and is learning Spanish and Czech right now. 



Penny is a student at New York Film Academy and is working as a freelance photographer. She’s motivated by the dream to have her own studio and being able to work with leading fashion magazines on a regular basis.



She’s the one responsible to bring together everything the way we’d like to bring to you. In addition to making each of our articles so visually-appealing, she loves designing clothes when she’s free. She has also collaborated with well-known clothing brands over past couple years.

Why should you trust us?

For starters, we don’t just review all the products we could get our hands on. Every product you see listed on our site is made eligible only after thorough initial research and even tests conducted by our team of experts.

How do we do it?

We start by studying the peculiarities of a certain product category and book sessions with a number of experts after gathering the relevant data from relevant information sources. We pay close attention to feedback of the customers for a specific product or brand. Further we research on the features that are most essential and useful in a specific product category.

We spend hours and hours analyzing the numerous products with the best ratings from genuine buyers. We check if the manufacturers’ product information could be verified through customers’ reviews and experts’ comments. The end-result is that you are provided with a list of the most reliable products the market has to offer.

What information can you find in our articles?

On Smartcatch.com, you can find all sorts of content and relevant products in the niche. You can check out our products reviews and details if you don’t know about the best that the market can offer at the moment or if you’re not quite sure what product features to look for. In our articles, you’ll have all of our findings are weaved in. You can find detailed product reviews, handy comparison tables and comprehensive buying guides with all the key features explained in detail. In most of our articles you can also find an FAQ section and a summary of our top three choices.

Our comparison reviews are for those who can’t choose between the two seemingly equally decent models. In these, we take two similar products with a similar purpose and characteristics, and do our best to highlight each one’s advantages and disadvantages. This is aimed to enable you to make your own, informed decision.

Consumer feedback

We had mentioned that each one of our picks make it to the final list after thorough research. To decide which ones deserve to be considered to our test, we spend hours studying the feedback from the existing customer base as well. We make it a point to go through different kinds of reviews across different platforms to get the full picture. You can also take relief in the fact that we don’t blindly trust each and every review. We know all about the fake and bot comments prevalent. We deal with and detect fake reviews with the help of certain plug-ins and tools (like Fakespot for Amazon).

Independent testing

While we do check the customer reviews, that is not all. Checking the customer reviews only help us screen and shortlist certain products. The products that we shortlist then goes in bunch to our testing team to ensure that it is indeed what they have claimed it to be. We flatly take such products out of our list that are initially promising but didn’t manage to keep up with the expectations, it’s simply not included in our final list.

Also, the whole review and testing process is guided by the industry experts— professional cooks, BBQ gurus, electricians, avid campers etc. to make sure we choose the right product.

Are we paid by the manufacturers?

We work independent of any sponsors and are not paid by any of the manufacturers.

As a participant of the Amazon Services Associates Program, we only get advertising fees. We prefer to not have sponsors as it gives us the freedom to choose the best models based on our own unbiased judgement and criteria.

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